Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hairy Bikers keralan king prawn crisps

Image taken from the Hairy Bikers website.

I've realised I've not done a product post for a while so here's one on one of my favourite type of food- snacks! And of all the snacks of the world the fried potato crisp is certainly one (if not the) best. These days I tend to go for a plain salted crisp, but am open to innovations in crisp flavours. And some innovation has been delivered in the form of these crisps from the Hairy Bikers.
I have a bit of a soft spot for the Hairy Bikers a.k.a. Si and Dave- I've really enjoyed their travel and cooking programmes which covered parts of South America, India, and South East Asia. They were intelligent, informative, non-patronising and genuinely entertaining. I'm not quite so sure about their UK show where they seem to do a lot of acting 'craaaazy' in a mildly irritating way, but still they seem like nice chaps. They have now launched a range of cookware that is so subtly branded I didn't actually realise it had anything to do with them when I saw it in John Lewis, and also (a little randomly) a range of crisps. The crisps are currently only available from Waitrose and come in a range of flavours which reflect some of their travels. I picked up a packet of the keralan king prawn with coconut a few months ago and then had a follow up bag more recently, and I think I quite like them! It's initially a little strange tasting coconut when eating a crisp, but it in the context of some mild spices and a hint of prawn it sort of works. Despite the description on the packaging I didn't find these crisps particulalrly hot, but for a crisp they did manage to capture the taste of an Indian prawn curry pretty well. And overall I would say that they are a welcome addition to the crisp world!

NB Unlike many meat or fish flavoured crisps these are not suitable for vegetarians.

Hairy Bikers Keralan King Prawn Crisps
I rate them 7.5/10
Cost: £1.79 per 150g bag (currently only available in Waitrose)


Chloe said...

I like the hairy ones more and more, though I often worry that their beards and hair are dropping in the food and that they don't roll their sleeves up and dangle their cuffs in things. Not their fault, I think my brainwashing in handwashing at work has given me mild OCD.
Might try these, though we're having a Twiglet renaissance in our house just now.

TheFastestIndian said...

Hehe- I can see how that particular aspect of work might spill into the kitchen!
I do not favour the twiglet or indeed other yeasty stuff :-(

meemalee said...

I scoffed when I first heard they were doing crisps, but now I want to try some. Darn :)

TheFastestIndian said...

Did seem a bit of a random thing to go into, but they're actually doing something a bit different- which I guess is good! I say give em a go!

MyceliumImages said...

I like your blog, I stumbled across whilst I was doing an article about these very crisps!

It all reads like a bit of a scalding review but it's probably all about as tongue in cheek as their crisp titles!