Monday, 14 May 2012

The First and Last, Cambridge, UK

Cambridge has a lot of pubs in it, and randomly many are in 'pub clusters'. There is the 'back streets of Mill Road cluster', the 'Lensfield Road cluster' (though now somewhat depleted), and the 'behind the police station cluster' that is vaguely near town. A long-standing member of this last cluster has recently been re-born as The First and Last. This pub used to be the pretty average Cricketers, but has now been completely refurbished and has more of a gastropub vibe to it.

A few of us popped in over the bank holiday weekend to find a couple of light and bright rooms, where we happily spent the afternoon eating and avoiding the rain. We had a range of light lunch dishes, that were all under the £10 mark, nicely presented and flavourful. The sticky toffee pudding was particularly notable for being light while still being full of dates and errrm... well, sugar. Service was friendly, with a Camembert-related food delay pleasantly dealt with, and just a generally nice atmosphere. I wasn't drinking anything alcoholic, so can't really comment on that side of things, but there seemed to be a range of interesting looking wines behind the bar as well as lots of beers that I'd never heard of before (though that could be more of a reflection on me than the pub).

All in all, I am looking forward to a return visit.

The First and Last
18 Melbourne Place
Cambridge CB1 1EQ



Unknown said...

I noticed them pop up on Twitter recently and wondered if they were good, looks like a place to try!

TheFastestIndian said...

Same here-might not have heard about them without twitter! I'm hoping that they keep up the good start they've made!

Anonymous said...

Have been a couple of times now and it's indeed excellent. City centre prices but very generous portions. I don't think I'd actually manage three courses.

TheFastestIndian said...

Hey Ozzy, that is good to hear. I was also pretty much floored by my pudding and was quite glad that I'd decided to share it!