Monday, 16 April 2012

Chocolate and cardamom truffles

I always thought that making chocolate was quite a tricky affair. In fact it's incredibly simple- you basically buy some chocolate, melt it, and make chocolate with it!
So I thought I'd make some truffles for Easter, as I've never made them before and they looked quite straight forward. I used this recipe from BBC Good Food magazine, and followed it exactly apart from halving the amounts, using 85% cocoa solids chocolate, and adding cardamom. I crushed the seeds from five small cardamom pods as finely as possible, and added them to the cream and butter as they warmed through. I then followed the instructions for chilling the chocolate mix, before shaping them into little balls and rolling in either cocoa powder or bits of lightly toasted flaked almond.
These truffles were really rich but not sickly, and I loved the flavour of cardamom with chocolate. And I still can't believe how incredibly simple they were to make. It's such a great feeling when you read about something in food world, and it turns out be just as easy and delicious as described.
I will definitely be making these truffles again, and have already started shortlisting different flavours that I can incorporate.


Nora said...

Oh, I keep meaning to have a go at truffles but have so far never managed get around to it. Those look lovely - just crying out to be given as a lovely birthday present or something. And that does sound easy - must get around to it!

TheFastestIndian said...

Yeah, it took me ages as well. And I didn't really believe how simple it was going to be- but it was!