Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Arts Picturehouse Bar, Cambridge, UK

This is a quick post on one of the places in Cambridge that I probably take for granted. I do like a trip to the cinema, and really appreciate having somewhere like the Arts Picturehouse that shows independent and foreign language films. And somewhere to have a nice coffee and maybe a snack too, is a bonus. Unfortunately a lot of people share this view of the Arts Picturehouse Bar, as bagging a table or a sofa in the evenings, or other peak film viewing times, can be challenging.

But if you time it right you can lounge around in some classic art deco surroundings and peer down from above on hoards of unknowing Cambridge shoppers. There are usually a couple of different types of cake available on the bar, and on my last visit I had a very nice slice of a chocolate and pistachio one. They also serve plenty of savoury stuff, although the crepes that used to be a mainstay of their menu sadly seem to have vanished.

My milky latte arrived with a bit of art on top, but if you are in need of something stronger then the bar is fully licensed (and you can take your drinks into the cinema too). And so in conclusion, the Arts Picturehouse Bar has squishy sofas, hot drinks, cake, and free WiFi - I heartily recommend it.

Arts Picturehouse Bar
38-39 St Andrew's Street
Cambridge CB2 3AR


Nora said...

It is really nice in there but I did have a slightly off-putting experience with the mustardy-est sandwich ever - and I don't even like mustard. It was so inedible that I asked for a replacement with no mustard. So they gave me one which had obviously had had the mustard scraped off - still pretty mustardy! But it made us laugh, and it is a really nice spot. And I keep meaning to go back and give their food another go!

TheFastestIndian said...

Oh no- that's pretty off! Actually me and a friend had extreme garlic overload once, when they used to make crepes. The coffee and cake seem pretty reliable though!