Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mini Bakewell Tart cakes

I first saw this recipe for Bakewell Tart-inspired fairy cakes earlier this summer, on Jules' excellent Butcher, Baker blog. I finally got round to making them last weekend, adapting them slightly. Instead of the cherry Bakewell iced topping, I went a little more traditional and just sprinkled on some flaked almonds. You'll need around a heaped tablespoons-worth if you're doing this, and to avoid scorching push them down slightly into the surface of the cake batter before you put them in the oven. But apart from this, I followed Jules' recipe exactly.
And most excellent it was too. A lovely almond sponge, with a hidden bit of jam in the middle, and a little crunch on top.
I'm not a massive fan of traditional Christmas dessert fare, but I think these little cakes would make a great light pudding with some warm custard. Alternatively, they are also fab with a cup of tea.


Lisa Cookwitch said...

OMG these look amazing!

Elpiniki said...

They look so delicious!
Love your blog! Nice finding you!
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