Monday, 28 November 2011

Cambridge Cake Crawl

It would probably be an understatement to say that I have been known to enjoy a slice or two of cake in my time. So when The Secluded Tea Party supremo Miss Sue Flay announced that she was organising a cake crawl in Cambridge, I grabbed a friend and signed up. The plan was to visit five venues for an assortment of cakes over the afternoon, and finish with some dessert-based cocktails.

We kicked off in the Library Room at the Hotel du Vin with an impressive tea selection, some perfect red velvet cupcakes, and slices of fruit cake. As if this wasn't enough, we were also provided with a chocolate brownie each to take away (which on later consumption turned out to be fantastic). It was at this early stage that Miss Flay's provision of bags to pack up extra cake looked like a really good idea.

A brief walk later and we arrived at the recently re-opened Fitzbillies for one of their famed Chelsea buns (and more tea).

Company motto?

It was absolutely packed on a Saturday afternoon, so I really appreciated being whisked through to our special chef's table in the kitchen.

Chelsea bun close-up. Sticky.

An abundance of buns (not all for us).

More tea and a Chelsea bun later, it was off to Benet's for a palate cleanser a.k.a. an ice cream. There was quite a big selection, and apparently they are all made on site too.

My large scoop of wild cherry ice cream was lovely, and because it wasn't too sweet it was actually quite refreshing. And then it was onwards to the market, to the Caribbean food stall.

A very enthusiastic cake seller.

After some al fresco chatting and a piece of carrot cake later, we headed off towards Bill's Cafe.

Here as a minor deviation from cake, we had scones with jam and cream (and tea).

The scones were nice and light, and despite me repeatedly saying that I was full I still managed to consume a significant amount of the generous portion. And so as the sun set we staggered away to our final venue, the private members 12a Club.

Cocktail illuminated by candlelight.

Our desserts here were in liquid form, which I was quite glad about as I was near my cake saturation point. However I had no problem with sipping on my non-alcoholic tiramisu cocktail, which had the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee flavours without being sugary.

And so ended a very filling afternoon, which was also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed visiting some new tea and cake destinations such as Hotel du Vin. I will certainly be back there if only for that chocolate brownie. And maybe a cupcake. Umm, and some tea. It was also fantastic to smugly stroll past the queues to our own table, as well as chat to some cake makers and other enthusiasts. And you know you've had a good day when you waddle home with a bag of cake, feeling a little more rounded than you were before, and in need of a lie down.

Props to Miss Flay for organising it all too.


Nic said...

Oooh, I'd love to do a cake crawl, sounds like my idea of heaven!

Chloe said...

Oh wow, that is one amazing afternoon. Loving the Nice Buns in Fitzbillies and the buns themselves look reassuringly the same as they used to

TheFastestIndian said...

Hi Nic, it was definitely an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Hello Dr Oxslip! I haven't really commented on the buns here, but as something of a bun sceptic they were in fact much nicer than I remembered them being. Still not sure if I'd be able to eat whole one though!

Unknown said...

I am definitely going to the next one, it looked like so much fun!

TheFastestIndian said...

Hi Deepa! It was! And nice to try some new places or places I wouldn't think of for cake.

The Secluded Tea Party said...

Ireena... Thank you so much, the write up is fab, I am so glad you had a nice time, and thank you so much for helping to make it a great event = Plenty more to come in 2012 : )
Miss Sue Flay xxxx

TheFastestIndian said...

Thanks Miss SF! But the thanks should really be heading your way- this was a really unique and super-fun afternoon! Ixx

Xinmei @ Pudding Pie Lane said...

I'm very jealous, I wish I'd known about this sooner! It would have been great to go to this and see parts of actual Cambridge instead of the university :) Hopefully I will attend one of the tea parties, it sounds like a really great idea! (And not I've got to go try Hotel du Vin's tea and cakes, I didn't know they did them!)