Saturday, 14 November 2009

World's simplest nectarine crumble

I can't really remember if I read this recipe in a book, saw it on television or randomly devised it myself. But it is something I have been making for quite a few years now, and is always a winner. It's one of those light puddings that's fresh enough to have during summer but also warming enough for winter. It is also incredibly quick and simple as it's essentially some baked fruit with a crushed biscuit topping.
To make the world's simplest crumble halve one nectarine per person, and scoop out the stone with a teaspoon to leave a little hollow in the middle. For the topping, melt around 1 tablespoon of butter for every two pieces of fruit and roughly crush a big handful of amaretti or ratafia biscuits. Mix these together and add a little orange juice (or another fruit juice) so that the 'crumble' topping can be lightly molded over the cut fruit, but not so much that the biscuit crumbs are totally saturated. You could also use peaches for this or apricots for mini versions, as these fruits all go well with almond flavours.
Bake in the middle of a moderately hot oven at gas mark 6, for around 15 to 20 minutes, or until the fruit is soft and the topping is starting to darken. Serve with cream or ice cream, savour the contrast of crunchy crumble and juicy, giving fruit, and start contemplating making some more!

Doria Italian ratafia biscuits
I rate them 9/10
Cost: Around £1.30 for 150g


Nora said...

What a great idea. That looks so tasty, but easy peasy - an ideal combination! I've never come across ratafia biscuits - are they quite similar to amaretti?

TheFastestIndian said...

Hi Nora

Funny you should ask that, as I spent a while trying to work out if there was a difference or if ratafias are just smaller versions of amarettis (they taste the same)!
Through comparing the ingredients on backs of packs I think one may have contained small amounts of ground apricot kernals and one didn't- but can't remember which was which now!

The Ample Cook said...

Oooh that looks so good AND so easy! The combination of almond and nectarine or peach would be wonderful.It would have to be ice cream for me. The contrast of hot fruit and cold ice cream would be bliss.

I'm dribbling.

TheFastestIndian said...

Hoho- hope you have some tissues at hand!!

It really is a classic flavour combo, and lovely with vanilla ice cream.