Monday, 8 June 2009

Tesco chocolate swirl cupcakes

I do like a nice cupcake, so I thought I'd give these ones from the Tesco bakery a go. But having experienced premium cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery (about three years ago now, but the memory remains strong) I didn't have terribly high expectations. Which was a good thing really, as these cakes verged on being actively unpleasant.
I thought I was eating a chocolate cupcake, but on closer inspection it turned out that I was actually eating a chocolate-flavoured cake with a chocolate-flavoured frosting. Cunningly, the Tesco cake makers had decided to go for a chocolate flavour that didn't pick up any notes of cocoa, but instead tasted mostly of soap. And not a pleasant soap at that. The topping was slightly better in that it didn't taste of soap, but it didn't seem to taste of anything else either. It had the texture of toothpaste but was completely flavourless. I think I ate about half of one before throwing the rest away, a highly unusual act in itself as I'm not normally one to be voluntarily parted from a chocolate cake.
In conclusion, I would not recommend these unless you have a penchant for eating soap.

Cost: Around the £1.70 mark for four.
I rate them 2/10.

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