Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Almondy Almond Tarta with Daim

I first sampled the Almondy Daim (formerly Dime bar) tart in a branch of Ikea amongst a range of other Swedish produce, and it was an instant hit. The pastry free (and therefore also gluten free) tart is made with layers of layers of ground almonds, a vanilla-ish buttercream, and in this instance a chocolate topping with lots of bits of Daim bar caramel. Despite all the potential sugar overload, it is remarkably non-sickly and exceedingly moreish.
The tart comes frozen, but defrosts in around 10 minutes so none of that remembering to put it in the fridge the night before that you get with some other frozen deserts.
Price: Can vary depending on retailer, but around the £2.70 mark.
I rate it 9/10.


si said...

I take issue with this part: "it is remarkably non-sickly and exceedingly moreish".

I have tried this poor excuse for a tart on your recommendation, and it was one of the sickliest things I've ever eaten. It is basically a cheap chocolate bar surrounded with sugary squishy stuff.

I have absolutely no idea what you - or anyone over 10yrs old - could see in it. I can only assume that you were influenced by being in Ikea when you first tried it, and somehow formed the opinion that this cheap choc sicky mess was sophisticated Swedish cuisine.

TheFastestIndian said...

I maintain that the tart was not too sweet. It is mainly almond for a start, with only a thin chocolate layer on top.